Police and Community Terrified After Finding Two of These on Local Park Playground

July 11, 2017Jul 11, 2017

Police are now investigating a scary incident after a disturbing discovery was made at a local park for children. It happened in Huntsville, Texas.

Authorities are saying that city workers found razor blades embedded in playground equipment at two Southeast Texas parks, according to reports. The Huntsville Parks and Rec Department staff found four blades on two different slides.



The park where the blades were found is at Emancipation and Boettcher Mill Road. The blades were embedded into the plastic and officials believe a heating device was used to melt the blades into the plastic slides.

The blades were discovered on July 6. The park was being inspected at the time.

Officials who since removed the blades and cameras are going to be installed to hopefully prevent this from happening again. At this time, there have been no reported injuries.

Although it appears police found the blades in time, people in the community should still be vigilant. Please share this story and help raise awareness!

Police say they have not identified a suspect at the time. It could be a tough case to crack.