Please Pray For Victims, Rescuers In Italy As Death Toll Rises

August 24, 2016Aug 24, 2016

UPDATED AT 6:01 P.M. EASTERN — The death toll in Italy has risen to 159, according to the New York Times.

The people of Italy could use your prayers today as a string of earthquakes rattle the country following a 6.2-magnitude quake overnight.

According to CNN, numerous towns have been heavily damaged by the quake. But according to the mayor of Amatrice, an ancient city of 2,600 people at the quake's epicenter, the town "is not more."

Rescuers are still trying to find survivors amidst the rubble of countless collapsed buildings. Some towns appear to be little more than piles of rubble. The quakes have left thousands of people homeless and many more afraid to go back into their still-standing homes for fear of more aftershocks.

CNN's Fred Pleitgen reported, "A lot of the villages have very ancient buildings. Those are made of old stone, brick and mud, so they just fell apart."

As for the search and rescues, Pleitgen said, "They always say the first 72 hours are key — for those who are trapped, that’s (typically) how long they can survive."

An even bigger earthquake shook central Myanmar this morning, although in a much less populated region. According to the Los Angeles Times, the 6.8-magnitude quake also hit an ancient city, damaging nearly 100 Buddhist temples and pagodas in the popular tourist area of Bagan. According to the Myanmar Times, at least four people have been killed.