Planned Parenthood Tells Little Kids: 'Your Body Parts Don't Make You Boy or Girl'

July 27, 2017Jul 27, 2017

Planned Parenthood usually garners controversy for being one of the most politicized abortion providers in America. But recently they have made headlines for yet another reason — for a set of online guidelines provided two months ago for parents to talk about sex and gender with their preschoolers. These guidelines, which cover a wide host of issues related to sex and gender, in essence tell parents to encourage their preschool age kids to “choose” their own gender.

“Would I feel comfortable with this choice if my kid wasn’t the gender they are? Why or why not?” Planned Parenthood asks on the website.

This is the question that Planned Parenthood encourages all parents to ask themselves when buying their little children a new toy or book. Planned Parenthood claims that kids can, with proper freedom, grow up to be any gender they desire, and therefore it is advisable to not encourage them to be one gender over another.

This leads into a section titled, “How do I know if my child is transgender or gender nonconforming?” In this section, parents are warned not to assume that their kid belongs to a particular gender. If a little boy, for instance, exemplifies feminine characteristics, or even thinks that he is a girl, then his parents should visit a counselor who is “supportive of LGBTQ identities. Planned Parenthood also encourages parents to not assume that their kids will grow up to date or marry a person of the opposite sex.

The website reads: “Be mindful of how you talk around your kids, too. Talking to (or in front of) your daughter about growing up and having boyfriends or marrying a man (and vice versa) sends the message that girls are supposed to like boys, and boys are supposed to like girls, and that anything is wrong or not normal.”

Although the guidelines were issued some two months ago, The Blaze brought this to the attention of conservative audiences earlier this week.

Perhaps the most disturbing thing about these guidelines from Planned Parenthood is remembering that they receive taxpayer money, as well as widespread public support within the Democratic Party. A significant number of young people, however, are fighting against Planned Parenthood. 

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