Planned Parenthood Just Found A New Way To Make Up For Lost Money

May 10, 2016May 10, 2016

If it wasn’t enough for Planned Parenthood to operate under the pretext that babies aren’t human beings and worthy of life, they have now found a new avenue to generate cash. This new venture also ignores biological facts and caters towards the transgender movement that has sprung up around the nation.

The abortion factory is still reeling from the bad press they faced when it was revealed that they sold baby parts for profit. According to Fox, their massive scandal has affected them financially. 

In order to bring in a new stream of cash, Planned Parenthood is now offering hormone treatments and gender reassignment to help further the transgender identity crisis that this country is facing.

The news does not sit well with Peter Sprigg, a senior fellow at the Family Research Council, who believes that Planned Parenthood has found a new way to harm the youth in this country.

“I’m concerned about young people,” Sprigg said. “We’re seeing an increasing trend with minors, children being given puberty-blocking hormones to prevent them from going through the typical process of puberty in order to make it easier for them to transition to the opposite sex.”

Patients must be 18 years old to give consent. However if a parent or guardian gives permission, Planned Parenthood can legally and permanently alter a child’s life. That is truly scary.