Incredible Video Shows Research Plane Flying into Eye of Hurricane Off Carolina Coast

September 12, 2018Sep 12, 2018

A major storm is roaring towards the Carolina Coast after a gigantic hurricane gained power in the Atlanta Ocean. At this time, over a million people have been told to prepare for the storm and to also evacuate from their own homes.

Recent studies showed Hurricane Florence making landfall in the next few days. Experts have also warned that it will not be a tropical storm but rather a massive hurricane that will bring chaos and devastation.

"Florence is expected to blow ashore late Thursday or early Friday, then slow down and wring itself out for days, unloading 1 to 2.5 feet of rain that could cause flooding well inland and wreak environmental havoc by washing over industrial waste sites and hog farms," reported the Daily Mail.

While many folks are busy trying to prepare their homes for the impact of Hurricane Florence, some people are actually seeking out the storm. Researches just released some amazing footage from a plane as they attempted to fly into the eye of the hurricane.

"In the video, a plane is seen flying through the eerily calm eye of Florence as scientists from the division surveyed the east coast. The scientists were flying in their WP-3D Turboprop Aircraft, which provided them access to the lower and middle troposphere," reported the Daily Mail.

Watch the amazing video below!

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