Smelly Airline Passenger Whose Stench Forced Emergency Landing Tragically Dies, Cause Revealed

June 28, 2018Jun 28, 2018

A strange situation occurred recently after a plane had to make an emergency landing. Apparently, one of the passengers on the plane smelled so foul that other passengers, and crew members, were becoming sick and nearly fainting.

One of the passengers had said: "It was like he hadn't washed himself for several weeks."

The passenger was removed from the flight upon landing. We now know that man was identified as Mr. Andrey Suchilin, a Russian musician. Sadly, he has since passed away.

Apparently, the smell was not just some body odor. In fact, it was a flesh eating disease and his deteriorating body!

"According to reports, Mr. Suchilin had suffered an infection from a flesh-eating disease while he was on holiday in the Canary Islands," according to reports.

"On Thursday (June 28), several British news outlets including the Mirror reported that Mr. Suchilin has died from the disease. He was suffering from severe tissue necrosis, or gangrene," according to reports.

Andrey was said to be one of the top guitar players in Russia. He was also thought of as a pioneer of rock music in the Soviet Union.

Please join us in praying for Andrey's family and friends as they endure this tragic time. We ask for God's healing peace to help them as they keep his memory alive.

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