At Least 1 Person Passes After Plane Goes Down in Neighborhood

May 30, 2018May 30, 2018

Reports claim that at least one person has passed after a small plane went down on Long Island Wednesday afternoon, according to NBC New York

The plane was a single-engine, two-seater plane that crashed on Northcote Drive near Spagnoli Road in Melville at about 2 pm. News of the crash was first announced by a representative for the town of Huntington. So far, it isn't clear is the person who died was actually aboard the plane. If not, then it is likely that the death count will increase as more information comes in. 

According to sources, the plane involved in the crash was a T6 Texan, which is a high-performance World War II trainer craft. The plane was actually based out of the Republic Airport and was believed to be a plane that was part of the canceled Jones Beach Airshow last week. 

Soon after the crash, observers went to social media to post pictures. These pictures display a small fire surrounding the destroyed plane. Also on the scene were fire trucks and police officers. Lauren Peller, a Twitter user, claims that the crash occurred right in front of her house in Melville. The pictures both above below were taken by her and posted onto Twitter.

Despite the fact that the plane went down right in front of Lauren's home, no property or homes were directly damaged by the crash. 

Police and firefighters are currently responding to the scene. This is a developing story. Please check back to Faith, Family, America for further updates. 

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