Pizzeria: Why Hiring THESE Unwanted Workers Makes The Most Sense

March 04, 2016Mar 04, 2016

For pizzeria owners Walter Gloshinski and his wife Judy, hiring employees with developmental disabilities makes a lot of sense.

In an interview with ABC News, Walter of Smiling With Hope Pizza in Reno, Nevada said, "It makes social sense and it also makes good business sense. They often make the most loyal and competent employees."

But it's not just about a successful business strategy for Walter. It's also about giving underprivileged people "a catalyst for a full life that allows [them] to be fully a part of the community."

Walter, who used to work as a special education teacher, said he opened the business because kids are being prepared for workplaces that don't exist.

"We did it because it needed to be done," Walter said. "There are no jobs out there for these kids, so they are being prepared for nothing."