Pizza Hut Makes Huge Announcement

January 10, 2019Jan 10, 2019

One of the most famous pizza chains is shaking things up by making an addition to their usual pizza delivery service. It is a move that hasn't been done before by other well-known pizza chains. 

The popular company has made a huge announcement that has some people excited and others upset. They are expanding their delivery service to now include beer. The big announcement is sure to have a large impact on the company since the Super Bowl is just days away.

“As the official pizza sponsor of the NFL, we’ve been celebrating football fans all season long, so it only makes sense for us to bring more customers the beloved combo of pizza and beer ahead of the Super Bowl,” Marianne Radley, who is the chief brand officer of Pizza Hut, said in the news release. “We are proud to be pioneers of beer delivery and are well poised to take on more markets in the coming year.”

The company has apparently already seen success with the idea. They have been testing the idea out in select markets and it reportedly went well. While some people are excited about the added products, others feel they shouldn't be advocating for the consumption of alcohol.

"The company kicked off a 'beer delivery pilot program' in December 2017 in Arizona, and five months later, added parts of California, Pizza Hut said. By the middle of January, the program is set to include about 300 restaurants located in Florida, Iowa, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, and more Pizza Hut restaurants in California and Arizona," Fox News reported.

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