Pizza Delivery Driver Stuns Homeless Man With THESE Beautiful Acts Of Kindness

October 17, 2015Oct 17, 2015

Lee is a 76 year old man living in a small broken down trailer with no plumbing, heat, or running water.  An extension cord running from the window provides the only source of power.

Pizza delivery driver, Angela Nguyen, came across Lee and his living situation while out delivering pizzas.  “When I first delivered to him, it was warmer and summer time, so I wasn’t quite as concerned,” Angela said.  

Then summer turned to fall and another driver saw the elderly man shivering.  Knowing that there was no chance that Lee would survive through the winter in the unheated trailer shell, Angela decided to act.  “Living in this trailer with no heat, no sanitation whatsoever, he has no toilet, no water, nothing, is not acceptable to me.  He’s a human being.  He deserves to live like everybody else,” Angela said.

Angela then rallied the community in support of Lee.  She bought a heater for him and set up a go fund me page for Lee that was titled “Not in our community!!!”

The community rallied around Lee and donated food and money.  A local construction company set in motion plans to build a small house for Lee.  “It’s hard to explain,” Lee said about the outpouring of kindness, “It’s pretty awesome.”

“We’ll keep you warm this winter and loved,” Angela tells Lee. 

What an amazing woman Angela is.  Her community is truly blessed to have a caring soul like her in their midst.