Pittsburgh Woman Jumps from Bridge, MLB Umpire Does the Incredible

June 29, 2017Jun 29, 2017

On Wednesday in Pittsburgh John Tumpane, a 34-year-old Major League Baseball umpire, was on his way to work, to serve as the plate umpire for the game that night at PNC Park. As he was crossing the Roberto Clemente Bridge, he noticed a woman climb over the railing and look down at the Allegheny River. She was preparing herself to commit suicide, according to Fox News

He responded immediately. “Hey, you don’t want to do that,” he said.

She replied, simply, “No one wants to help me. Just let me go.”

Tumpane refused to let the woman fall to her death. He reached over the railing, grabbed her with both arms, and said, “I care. I care.”

The woman shouted and struggled and let both feet slip off the bridge – essentially jumping to her death – except for the heroic actions of Tumpane, who now held her full weight with his arms.

Fortunately, a bystander saw the incident and aided him. Moments later a police officer arrived and cuffed the woman to the bridge so she could not fall off. A reporter arrived to document the scene.

Tumpane told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “I said, ‘Look at all these people who want to help you. We’re all here for the right reasons. We want to get you better.’”

Though the woman fought it, she was hoisted back over the railing and restrained. Afterward, Tumpane was noticeably distraught. The reporter, Stephanie Chambers, 26, asked Tumpane if he was all right.

“Afterwards, he was so shaken up,” Chambers said. “I grabbed his hand and thanked him. He looked like he was going to cry.”

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