Pictures Speak 1,000 Words: See Powerful Moments from George H.W. Bush's Funeral

December 05, 2018Dec 05, 2018

Over the weekend, former President George H.W. Bush passed away at the age of 94. He died just a few months after his beloved wife, Barbara, left this world.

On Wednesday, December 5, the world mourned Bush's death. Thousands of people went to the National Cathedral for his funeral, while many others paid their respects as he was lying in state at the Capitol Building. 

Below are some of the powerful photos from the last several days as Americans celebrated his life of public service:

Please pray for Bush's family during this time. Thank you for your life of service, President George H.W. Bush! In other recent news, Trump and Hillary saw each other for the first time since Inauguration and tensions were high.

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