Photographer Reveals Shocking Amount of Time Harry + Meghan's Wedding Photo Took

May 29, 2018May 29, 2018

For the last several months leading up to the royal wedding, fans were waiting with anticipation for Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle’s big day. Finally, on Saturday, May 19, the royal couple tied the knot at St. George’s Chapel.

The festivities were complete with amazing choirs, a gorgeous wedding cake, the cutest pageboys and bridesmaids, and many celebrity guest appearances. While there were a lot of details at the wedding to be excited about, all eyes were on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who opted for simple and effortless looks.

One of the most anticipated moments that occurs after royal weddings is the official couple portrait that is released. Below is Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s portrait:

Now, two weeks after it was released, royal photographer Lubomirski has revealed exactly how long it took to capture the picture perfect moment, and fans are in shock with the answer! He revealed that he only had 25 minutes in total to capture 6 perfect photos. However, he said that within only three minutes he had captured the stunning image.

He said that during the short shoot, his assistants were keeping an eye on the screen, so he was not sure whether or not he got his royal-worthy shot until he was driving home.

He said, “I was going through the pictures and kind of flicking, flicking, flicking. And all the sudden you see the one and you’re like, oh, amazing. This relief. It’s very emotional.”

Lubomirski then talked about the process of getting that perfect shot after having only three minutes to set them up.

He said, “I said, ‘Let’s walk out to the rose garden,’ and as we walked down they were sort of hugging and it just was relief and happiness and then on the way back, I said, ‘Listen, let’s just sit down here.’ And she just fell into that position and they were laughing and it was just constant smiling.”

While Prince Harry and Meghan’s official couple’s wedding portrait was seemingly effortless, the photographer said that the entire family portrait was much more difficult to capture, especially with several kids.

What do you think about the short amount of time it took to get Harry and Meghan’s perfect picture?! It makes sense, considering their low-key personalities and effortless looks for the big day. In other recent news, Meghan’s dress caused serious drama, but now a designer is speaking out to settle the rumors.