Heartbreaking: Police Officer in Critical Condition After Being Shot in the Face

August 06, 2018Aug 06, 2018

Horrible news was reported out of Philadelphia on early Monday morning. Police officer Jason Potts was shot in the face while on the job. 

According to initial reports, the 49-year-old was serving a warrant in Germantown on the 4800 block of Knox Street. The officers were sent to the location to find a man wanted on a warrant for weapons violations. 

According to witnesses, the officers knocked on the suspect's door multiple times but, after hearing no response, entered through the doors. At that point, the man shot Officer Potts. 

Commissioner Richard Ross said, "These officers, according to at least one witness, did knock and announce more than once, witnesses heard that. After taking some time to get past at least two doors that's when they came under fire."

According to ABC News, Potts was rushed to the emergency room but is expected to make a recovery. He suffered heavy bleeding and has a broken jaw, among other injuries that have not yet been confirmed. Sadly, the officer was supposed to start his vacation later in the day with his wife and three children.

The suspect was shot by police and is currently in critical condition as well. According to reports, another older woman walked in through the back door during the entire situation and was shot as well but is in stable condition.  

Mayor Jim Kenney said, "We want to thank our officers for putting themselves on the line every day and our prayers are with them."

Please be praying for swift and smooth recovery for Officer Potts. Share your prayers here! In other recent news, five people were killed in a horrible plane crash in a parking lot. Please be praying for their families as well.