Phil Robertson Talks About the Secret to Finding the True Joy of Christmas

December 17, 2015Dec 17, 2015

Phil and Kay have had many ups -- and downs -- over the years at Christmas.

Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty has a great duck business -- plus a TV show. You might think he would say material success is the key to his happiness at Christmas.

But what Phil is saying is exactly the opposite. In his new book "Exploring the Joy of Christmas", Phil says "finding the true joy of Christmas starts with a heart of contentment regardless of our circumstances."

He says he and his wife Kay "have discovered what it means to be content no matter what. We have been so poor there were many Christmases when we didn't have enough to eat -- unless we went out and plucked food up from the ground, picked it off a tree, or shot it from the sky."

Phil goes on to say "At the top of the list is this undeniable fact: true joy is a gift that Jesus gives when He changes our hearts." It is so easy to think that happiness will come when we get that next raise, or buy that next car, or get a new job. But true happiness at Christmas -- and throughout the year -- comes from Jesus.