Phil Robertson Shares The #1 Scariest Word In America Right Now

December 16, 2015Dec 16, 2015


What word produces the most fear in the everyday American right now? Phil Robertson, patriarch of Duck Dynasty, says it's not ISIS or terrorism or cancer or debt: It's repentance. 

Phil and Miss Kay have just written a book on celebrating Christmas, called "Exploring the Joy of Christmas." In a recent Town Hall interview, Phil was asked about how his book might offend the politically-correct crowd. 

He answered, "Well we’re just trying to infuse a little good into our culture and Christmas is a wonderful time to remember that. Our culture today, for lack of a better term they’ve just become so inward-focused, so selfish. Let’s face it, we live in a pretty wicked and adulterous generation. We’re just trying to infuse a little good into the culture saying come on, love God and love each other. We’re just trying to get people to turn from their sins."

Phil continued, "Look, I used to get with the dope-smoking worst of them. But once I was delivered from that, that was my idiot phase.  So basically, it’s called repenting – the scariest word in the English dictionary. You never hear about it anymore, but trust me, everyone needs to repent and turn to God, they really do."

In fact, God's word is so potent and offensive in our culture today that there is a real threat Phil could be physically attacked when preaching. He shared, "When I give a Bible lesson, I have to have armed men to my right and my left and behind me--to give a Bible lesson. That’s where we are in America. Pretty sad.”

What do you think? Do you agree with Phil about America's strong aversion--and even fear--of repentance? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments! We want to hear from you!