Phil Robertson Says Weinstein Proves What We've Always Known About Hollywood

October 13, 2017Oct 13, 2017

Over the past week, Hollywood erupted in scandal and chaos. After producer Harvey Weinstein was outed as a serial sexual predator, people began to come out of the woodwork, sharing their abuse allegations against Weinstein or telling their stories about how other big names in Hollywood had abused them.

Many people seem surprised by the scope of the scandal; they’re shocked that it has impacted big names like Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie. Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, however, isn’t surprised.

In an interview, Robertson said that this scandal is simply proof of what he always knew about Hollywood. He says that it also shows that the liberal media has been protecting the industry.

"We've said for years that the Hollywood media has been controlled by the Evil One and now some Hollywood mogul is trying to breed all the chicks and it gets covered up and everybody is shocked!" said Robertson.

He continued his commentary at the Value Voters Summit that’s hosted by the Family Research Council. In addition to identifying the wickedness in culture, he called people to “speak truth.”

"We're not surprised by this and this is why we need to speak truth into this wicked culture," added Robertson.

Robertson plans to play his own role in speaking the truth. He’s been off the air since Duck Dynasty ended, but he’ll be coming back.

This time he’s going to be on CRTV, the online conservative network headed by Mark Levin and Michelle Malkin. They just announced that Robertson will host his own show called “In the Wood with Phil.”

"I will speak truth on CRTV if you're willing to hear it,” said Robertson.

He plans to speak more truth than he did during his time on Duck Dynasty because it won’t be censored.

“’On In the Woods with Phil,’ Robertson—a hunter, patent-holder, reality TV star, #1 New York Times bestselling author, husband, father, and Christian—uses the daily events of his life to share wisdom, principles, and biblical teachings," announced CRTV.

In the announcement, they also shared what viewers can expect from his show.

"Now, unencumbered by traditional media outlets, Robertson has the freedom to speak his mind and will take his viewers behind the scenes—into his woods and his daily life—to share musings on faith, culture, and politics. Uncensored and most assuredly politically incorrect, Robertson shares the simple, honest truths that can only be found in the woods."

Robertson added, "Here's the deal America, these are my woods. Out here I call the shots. If you want to hear someone mean what they say and say what they mean; if you want a healthy dose of truth; if you want to hear the name of Jesus without reservation, well then, I would suggest you come join me in the woods."

Watch the full promo here:

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