Phil Robertson Said THIS About The Iran Deal And He Doesn’t Hold Back.

September 10, 2015Sep 10, 2015

“They call me in as a last resort”, Phil Robertson said as he took the stage at the Tea Party Patriot protest.  The protest on Wednesday was held to fight against the dangerous nuclear deal that the Obama administration negotiated with Iran.

In attendance were presidential candidates Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and Sarah Palin.  Also in attendance was the Duck Commander himself.

“They said God was dead back when I was in college”, Phil told the audience, “but he wasn’t.  They lied.  Then they said the Tea Party was dead.  Not true.”

Phil then launched into a passionate and honest speech about the idiocy of doing a deal with those who chant “death to America” the moment they leave the negotiating table.  He also told the audience why he supports Israel…

Do you agree with Phil?