Phil Robertson's Bold Words On America's Perversion

February 23, 2016Feb 23, 2016

How does our culture seem to you these days? Do you feel shocked at what you're seeing? Good is called evil and evil is called good.  And you're not "allowed" to say otherwise, lest you be called 'intolerant' or a 'bigot.' But Phil Robertson, quite refreshingly, doesn't care. 


At a recent rally for Ted Cruz, Robertson made no bones about how he feels about our culture.  “When you start allowing men to determine what is right, what is wrong, what is good, what is evil, you let men do it and they do not vet it through this book,” said Robertson, holding his Bible. “Our founding fathers warned us over, and over, and over again, what you will end up doing is saying, ‘Well, I know it sounds like it may be a violation of commandment number six, do not murder, but we’re just going to go ahead and tell these ladies of America, American women, they can kill their children.”

Robertson then gave advice on how to avoid STD's--wisdom that we don't often hear in the media. “I know what God says about perversion. I mean, you know…marriage is between a man and a woman. Keep your sex right there. Here’s a report from the CDC, gentlemen. Young men, marry you a woman. Oh, dude, if she’s clean, and you’re clean, and you marry her … you keep your sex right there, you’re never going to get a debilitating disease and/or dead. It’s safe!”

What do you think about Robertson's words? Do you agree? What concerns you most about our culture? Let us know in the Comments! Thank you so much!