Phil Robertson On Trump: If He But Be Born Again, Then...

July 29, 2016Jul 29, 2016

Phil Robertson has some savvy political advice for Donald Trump: Make a total and public conversion to Jesus Christ. In a recent interview, Robertson said: "If he but be born again, he could then tell them, 'That's the old me, I've been born again, this is the new Donald Trump.'"

Robertson wasn't certain whether or not Trump was born again, but he believes that is the answer to this election. "The ultimate for America is we convert Mr. Trump." But no matter Trump's history, he is definitely better than Clinton, believes Robertson. Referring to Clinton's bad record, Robertson said he would much rather go with the unknown (Trump) than the known (Hillary).

Robertson half-jokingly envisioned a cabinet with him as a spiritual advisor to Trump. "Now, that would send a shock wave through America," he said. "The left-wingers would be jumping out of buildings."

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