Phil Robertson Offers To Help Trump With THESE Character Flaws

May 24, 2016May 24, 2016

Nobody's perfect. And with Donald Trump (and any public persona), you see a lot of their flaws, as well as their strengths. Now that Ted Cruz is out of the race, Phil Robertson, patriarch of "Duck Dynasty" and outspoken Christian, is officially on the Trump train.

In an interview with Fox, Robertson shares how he would like to help Trump grow more in his faith.

Robertson says that he would do what he can to work behind the scenes with Trump to teach him more about loving God and forgiving your enemies. This came after Trump's recent remarks to Megyn Kelly were referenced, where he admitted to lashing out at others when he felt wounded or attacked by them. Robertson joked that he hoped to be the spiritual advisor to Trump.

We don't think it's such a bad idea! What about you?