Phil Robertson Has a Thing or Two to Say to People Who Say ‘Happy Holidays’

December 13, 2017Dec 13, 2017

Phil Robertson, best known as the Duck Commander and family patriarch in the long-running TV series “Duck Dynasty,” has a thing or two to say to people who insist on “happy holidays” during this season rather than “Christmas.” He spoke his mind on Monday’s episode of “In the Woods with Phil.”

Phil started out the 24th episode of his online-only spin-off series with two books on his kitchen table: Webster’s Dictionary and a well-worn Bible with its binding repaired by camouflage duct tape.

“There’s a mighty throng that’s getting bigger all the time,” he began as he put his hands over his ears. “They don’t want to hear the word ‘Christ.’ They cover their ears. They say ‘I cannot let that into my mind. I cannot hear that. I will not listen to that.’”

“You have to say ‘happy holidays’ rather than ‘Christmas holiday,’” Phil said. “That means that something terrible has to be there concerning this particular person of Christ.”

Phil spoke about the hundreds of Old Testament verses accurately prophesying the birth of Christ and added, “I guess my question for all the naysayers out there is, ‘I wonder if there is a possibility that anyone will ever have a giant celebration and start counting time by your exploits, by your life.'”

“I wonder what the odds are,” he continued. “They’re going to start counting time by your life, by when you were born, and then your death. And, lo and behold, you were raised from the dead. [You] reckon they’re going to have that story about you one of these days?”

“What are the odds of you getting into that part of history?” Phil asked. “I’m guessing, no one’s ever going to count time by you at all, or me.”

He likened people who shut their ears to Christ now to those who those who killed the prophets of the Old Testament who told of the coming Christ.

“Why do we remember things like that and they won’t go away?” Phil asked. “Your calendar, 2017 A.D., or as the atheists say, Common Era. But not year of the Lord Jesus. You say, ‘But when did your Common Era begin?’ They said, ‘When Jesus showed up.’ I said, ‘Yeah, that’s what I thought.’”

He talked about when Stephen spoke about Christ in Acts 7, and the Sanhedrin covered their ears and yelled to drown him out before stoning him to death.

“What [Jesus] did, what He said — how on earth could you ever get anything bad coming out of him?” Phil asked. “How could you get anything bad over [Him] being betrayed, and murdered, and you don’t want to hear that? You don’t want to hear His name and say ‘Christ-mas’? Christ-worship.”

The Duck Commander concluded, “He’ll give you eternal healthcare. He’ll raise you from the dead. He’ll give you a Comforter — His Spirit. And you’re saying, people who follow Jesus, they’re the problem? And Jesus is the problem? Well, what’s the solution if not Him?”

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