Phil Robertson Gives Strong Advice On How To Vote This Year

August 16, 2016Aug 16, 2016

This election has Christians in a bigger conundrum than most of the elections in the last century. There is such great division between the #NeverTrump side and the #NeverHillary side. What is a conservative Christian to do?


Phil Robertson, patriarch of Duck Dynasty and outspoken Christian, has some advice, given in a recent interview with My Faith Votes. “I am going to leave that up to you to cast your vote. I would say cast your vote for the one that we have a better chance to remain the republic that we are,” Robertson said. “So, I would just simply say: You have political correctness on the one side. Biblical correctness on the other. I am on the biblically-correct side. Therefore, I would tiptoe through the tulips but you just have to vote your conscience …”

Robertson said the fault of who is in office lies with the voters, not the politicians, reports Life News. “The people that get elected and are sent to Washington, D.C. to represent us, the United States citizens, we are the ones that put them in there,” Robertson said. “The problem is not so much the ones that end up in there — the politicians — it is the people who put them in there. We elect people. Well, if you elect depraved souls, you are going to get depravity. That’s just the way it works.”

Robertson pointed out that Clinton is one of the biggest supporters of abortion, and it goes totally against the Bible. “Remember, everything I do is vetted through the Bible. When God says ‘don’t murder,’ I’m taking it for what He said. Therefore, don’t kill your children in their womb. It’s murder. So, don’t murder,” Robertson shared.

So, according to Robertson's advice to vote your conscience, who would you vote for? Share your thoughts in the Comments! Thank you!