Phil Robertson Explains The Powerful Connection Between ISIS And Our Abortion Culture

July 29, 2016Jul 29, 2016

Phil's got a point. If I see you kicking your own car, why wouldn't I think it's okay to vandalize it also? It's obvious you don't care about it. That's what Phil Robertson, patriarch of Duck Dynasty, says is at play with ISIS' terrorist attacks in America, in a recent interview.

"We've killed 60 million of our own children," Robertson said. "ISIS is saying to us, 'Well, if you didn't think your own children were worth anything, why do you think we're worried about what your life is worth? We don't think you're worth anything, that's why we're killing you. Just like you kill your children, that's why we kill you. We don't think you're worth anything.'"

Robertson says that a change of heart towards abortion would put America on top of the situation. "If we could have stood there and told them, 'No, to us life is precious,'" but "we lost the moral high ground."

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