Why Amazon Thinks The Confederate Flag Is Worse Than Hitler

July 21, 2015Jul 21, 2015

Since the despicable racist, Dylan Roof, murdered 9 churchgoers in cold blood in South Carolina on June 17th, the country has quickly moved to strip the confederate battle flag from the southern states and the history books.  The photos of the murderer posing with the flag reignited the big push to bring the flag down once and for all.

The anger and pain after such a crime is understandable.  The anger at the flag and its symbolism is also understandable.  Many people have argued for the flags origins and what it meant on the battlefield.  The people clamoring for its removal have pointed to its deeper symbolism.  It is a controversial topic in the country.  But whether you like it or not it is a part of America’s history.

Not according to Amazon.  The online retailer has begun its purge of all things related to the confederate flag as reported in this Blaze article.  The purge includes historical non-fiction works such as Michael Dreese’s “This Flag Never Goes Down”.

The book is made up of 40 true stories regarding the confederate battle flag and color bearers at the battle of Gettysburg.  It amounts to a work of historical importance and preservation.  The author said that it “does not promote the confederate flag” but instead “places it in historical context at the battle of Gettysburg”

Dreese was sent a letter by Amazon trying to justify the silencing.  “Amazon has implemented listing restrictions for Confederate flag merchandise.  You may no longer list these products on Amazon.com, and your listings for these products will be removed. There is no adverse impact on your seller account for the removal, but we request that you refrain from relisting removed products.”

Whether Amazon is caving to the pressure of the social waves or is implementing their own form of control and governance over their customers, it is disturbing to see history silenced because some people don’t like what happened in the past or can’t compartmentalize what is happening in the present.  America shouldn’t silence her past.  Our country must acknowledge the past while working towards a better future.

“I think it sets a dangerous precedent,” Dreese said of the book ban, “We need to examine our history objectively, the good and the bad.”

One book that is still readily available on Amazon is Adolf Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf”.

What do you think?  Should historical books be banned?  Do you agree with Amazon’s actions?  We would love to hear your thoughts!