How 1 Brave Girl Sacrificed Her Own Safety To Stand Up For The Ferguson Cops

August 13, 2015Aug 13, 2015

Ferguson, Missouri, is in a state of major unrest right now, as it continues to be inflamed with racial tension.

Many African Americans feel that they are unjustly targeted and mistreated by the police, and they are taking to the streets to riot, with some displaying violence.

But 19 year-old Lexi Kozhevsky, a student at St. Louis University, doesn't think that is the answer.  “That’s not the way to make progress.   Reach out to government officials, start petitions, make a change,” she said in this Blaze article“But don’t be violent. It hurts the community more than anything.”

And Lexi stood behind her words, literally. On Monday night, as bottles flew past her head, she stood in front of the police to show her support to them and to protest against the violence. “I was prepared for the worst”, she said, “It was scary.  People were looking at me and making gestures.  It was unnerving, to say the least.  But sometimes you just have to stand your ground.”


The police officers asked her what she was doing and if she was willing to put herself in harm's way. When she answered 'yes,' Lexi says, "They were really kind and looked appreciative."

Lexi stood with the officers for an hour and a half, and braved a water bottle being thrown towards her.  “They threw a water bottle and it was pretty scary because you don’t know what’s being thrown at you,” Kozhevsky said.

The reason that she stood her ground is because she believes that violence is not the answer and also because she appreciates the police.  “Not all cops are bad. And that’s just what upsets me. When I call someone if someone robs me, I call the police. They are there to help us."

What do you think of Lexi's courageous act?