Pete Davidson’s Mom Allegedly Hates Kim Kardashian And Doesn’t Approve, Latest Gossip Says

Kim Kardashian Pete Davidson are one of Hollywood’s most famous couples. Everyone knows how Kanye West feels, but nobody seems to be asking how Davidson’s family is dealing with this media circus. One report says Amy Davidson, Pete’s mother, detests Kardashian already. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Pete’s Mom Hates Kim’

According to Life & Style, “momma’s boy” Pete does Not have his mother’s blessing to date Kardashian. “Amy is not a fan,” one insider says. “Kim has an uphill battle ahead of her.” Kardashian and Amy met on Staten Island in December. 

A source says Amy “put on her best poker face at the time, but she hates all of the baggage that comes from Kim.” Between the notorious Kardashians and Kanye West, she’s worried about what Pete is getting himself into. A source says, “Amy would rather her son settle down with someone who doesn’t already have four kids.” Pete isn’t scared easily scared off by the kids or West. An insider concludes, “Pete adores his mother, but he’s never really asked her for dating advice and isn’t going to start now.”

What’s Going On With Pete Davidson?

It is hard to believe the details of this story. How could the outlet know Amy’s true feelings? There’s no way to know about Amy’s “poker face” or advice to Pete unless you’re in the room or inside her head. Since she’s kept her views private, this story is pretty suspicious.

What does Amy think about the Kardashians? Well, you’d have to ask her. Gossip Cop does know that there’s no consensus. A source told Us Weekly, which is a bit more trustworthy than the tabloid in question, “Pete’s mom really likes Kim and thinks she’s very sweet.” This alone proves that you shouldn’t put too much stake into the story of disapproval.

Terrible Reputation

Life & StylePete Davidson has a poor reputation. In 2018, it called Pete the “ultimate groomzilla” planning his wedding with Ariana Grande. Grande made it clear that she was the one who planned the ceremony before it was cancelled. As for Kardashian, it wasn’t too long ago when this tabloid promised she would wed Van Jones. They never even dated, so it was ridiculous.

This isn’t even the first time it’s used Amy Davidson in a bogus story. It claimed that Phoebe Dynevor demanded Pete move out of her home last year. Gossip Cop has no idea why this tabloid is so interested in Amy, but it’s still got no legitimate insight into her personal life. If Amy has any issues with Kim, she’s keeping them to herself.

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