People's Horrific Reactions To The Gorilla Killed To Save A 4 Year Old Boy

May 31, 2016May 31, 2016

It is sad that our culture is increasingly valuing the life of animals over people--particularly children. In a stunning example this weekend, a four year old boy was nearly killed by a gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo. He tumbled into the cage and the gorilla took him in his mouth and dragged him around. After about 10 minutes, the zoo determined it best to shoot the gorilla to save the boy's life. The boy was then taken to the hospital to be treated for non-life-threatening injuries. Thank God.

50 years ago, all of America would have rejoiced with the boy and his mother. Yes, of course it is sad to see an animal killed (who was only following his instinct), but the life of a child is worth far more than an animal. This is a value system we get from the Bible: that God created man and woman in His image and gave them authority over animals.


But now things have seemed to reverse. As conservative blogger Matt Walsh writes in The Blaze, many Americans were actually outraged that the zoo chose the boy over the gorilla. Walsh reports, "People have been creating petitions and venting their seething rage on social media. A Facebook memorial page was immediately created, with a picture of Harambe accompanied by the caption, 'I was someone, and my life mattered.' Heartbroken citizens planned a candlelight vigil. Others left flowers at a statue of the beast, borrowing a page from the pagan animal worshipers of ancient times. Some protested outside the zoo, claiming the gorilla should not have been shot. Scores of others have echoed this sentiment, insisting that Harambe was only very gently dragging dragging a child around his cage like a rag doll."

Walsh shares an e-mail he got after writing an article on the incident: “You’re f**king wrong on this gorilla thing. The gorilla was innocent. He wasn’t hurting the kid. They should have taken BOTH lives into account. It’s not fair to kill a gorilla because of the idiocy of people. The kid was in his habitat. If the kid ends up dead, that’s not the gorilla’s fault. Maybe they should feed the stupid f**king parents to the lions next. F**k people.”

Walsh points out that 125,000 babies are killed everyday through abortion, and the country applauds the ability for women to "choose." "And now it is necessary to point out that today, while the media obsesses over an ape and thousands of people cry that they will 'miss' a zoo animal they didn’t even know existed on Friday, there will be another 125,000 abortions. On a daily basis, a group of people larger than the population of Provo, Utah are systematically exterminated. None of them are given a name, and there will be no candlelight vigils for any of these victims."

What do you think of people's outrage over the gorilla's death? Do you think the zoo should have risked the boy's life to save the gorilla's? Share how you feel in the Comments!