People Risk $25,000 Fines And Two Years Of Jail Time For Owning This Toy

April 18, 2017Apr 18, 2017

Germany, the U.S., France and other countries have been concerned with the possible risks of a U.S. manufactured doll, ‘My friend Cayla’, since late last year.

Early 2017, Germany banned the doll as regulators have considered it to be an ‘espionage device’. Originally, German regulators just simply urged families to destroy ‘Cayla’s’ microphone and get rid of the doll immediately.

According to Breitbart, owners of the doll are now required to complete a certificate of destruction and can face over $25,000 fines as well as up to two years in jail time if they do not comply.

This popular doll that is a ‘friend’ to many young children throughout the globe talks to a child via bluetooth and uses a microphone and internet to be able to develop appropriate responses during the conversations. During tests, the doll could be easily hacked and allowed easy access to obtain personal information such as family names, addresses, etc.

Although fines and jail time are not yet the case for the U.S., the toy does violate privacy rules and can be used as a tool to obtain private information from children and families in their own home.

These risks should be taken seriously and parents can help prevent privacy invasion be reading the manual in depth, talking to your child about the importance of keeping certain information private, monitoring your child’s playtime with the doll, or making the decision to get rid of the toy altogether.

‘My Friend Cayla’ is currently sold in various countries around the world through their personal website, Amazon, Ebay, Kohl’s, Target and many other retailers.

What are your thoughts on the safety concerns with ‘My Friend Cayla’?

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