People React After Al Sharpton Speaks Out Against President Trump

April 04, 2018Apr 04, 2018

Commentator Al Sharpton recently attacked President Trump on MSNBC, claiming that he has reintroduced many of the things that Martin Luther King Jr. spent his life fighting against. 

“Many of the things Dr. King stood for are under attack 50 years later,” the reverend claimed, according to the Daily Caller.

“I think what people really don’t understand,” he also said, “those of us who grew up in the King movement and the generation after King, is that we mark the 50th anniversary with the challenges that we have a president that has made this kind of racial divide and intolerance become vogue again," he continued. 

“When you look at what Donald Trump is doing around questions of people of color, Mexicans, blacks, Muslims, he has re-introduced what Dr. King’s life was against.”

On Twitter, Al Sharpton's comments have been received with criticism.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Fox and Friends, Alveda King, the niece of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., shared how she believes her uncle would have reacted to President Trump. 

“I believe if my uncle were here today, he would pray for the president—pray with the president if he had an opportunity—and pray for this great nation,” she said, according to reports. “My uncle, one of my favorite quotes, said 'We must learn to live together as brothers'—and I added sisters—'or perish together as fools. If we work together, we won’t perish.' I believe that.”

She continued, claiming that her uncle loved God very much, and that he loved humanity.

"We are one blood, one human race. And I believe he’s right. We can learn to live together as brothers and sisters.”

In sum, King's niece believes that her uncle would pray for and with President Trump for the unification of America. 

Please read more about what Alveda King said about President Trump in our recent story. 

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