People Praising Duchess Kate Over Secret Act of Generosity Just Discovered

January 29, 2018Jan 29, 2018

Ever since she joined the royal family in 2011, people have been applauding Kate Middleton for her continuous generosity. Throughout the years, she has advocated for and donated to countless charities. 

Now, people are praising the Duchess for her latest generous act. Many are saying that while she has given her time to charities in the past to speak, host fundraisers, or simply represent the Royals, her latest act of kindness is more personal. 

Over the weekend, it was revealed that Kate Middleton has been secretly donating her hair to charity! Last summer when the Duchess received a haircut, she suggested to her stylist, Joey Wheeler, that they donate her locks to a cancer charity foundation. 

The organization, Little Princess Trust, reportedly creates high-quality wigs that they give out for free to children who have experienced hair loss due to cancer treatment or other illnesses.

When she got her hair cut over the summer, Duchess Kate was able to donate 7 inches to the charity. Reportedly, it was sent under a different name so that no one would know which hair was hers.

Helen Creese, a spokesperson for the organization, told PEOPLE, "It's lovely to think that somebody, somewhere- probably more than one person- has received a wig containing Princess Kate's hair. It's a really lovely thought and it's fantastic for raising awareness, plus it's gorgeous hair- we all lust after that hair!"

Creese told Elle UK, "As the Duchess of Cambridge is so much in the public eye, we hope the message that the charity can help children and young people with hair loss will reach everyone who might need our assistance. Receiving a free, real hair wig has a very positive impact on a child or young adult at such a difficult time. We hope that this donation will encourage others to consider supporting the charity in the same way."

Ever since the news was revealed about where Kate has been donating her hair, her audience has been praising her for her kindness. Kate has been said to have a "heart of gold." Vogue Australia noted that because Kate's hair is "potentially one of the most talked about ever," her charitable act is even more special. 

What do you think about this? Have you ever donated your hair to an organization like this or would you? Let us know your thoughts! In other recent news, a popular vegetable was just recalled in 21 states and 7 brands for the presence of a deadly bacteria. If you have it, throw it out!

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