People in New York City Paying 20 Cents a Minute to Lock Their Dog in a Box

December 15, 2017Dec 15, 2017

Dog owners in big cities sometimes have problems that pet lovers in the smaller towns and ‘burbs don’t worry about. But one company has come up with a method for how to protect your pooch while shopping, and they’ve been testing it out in New York City.

In many parts of America, dog owners who take their pets to the store will simply attach their leash to a pole outside or just leave them in their vehicle. But in places like New York City, where owning a car is not all that common, tying a dog outside a store while you’re inside can put them at risk of getting bothered by the constant flow of noisy traffic or snatched by a heartless thug.

That’s why one company has invented a climate-controlled box for owners to put dogs inside to keep them safe, happy, and monitored via their smartphones, according to Forbes. These so-called smart dog houses, named Dog Parkers, are not super roomy. But they do offer comforts for man’s best friend.

The Dog Parkers keep your dog at a nice temperature, allow fresh air to flow in, and uses a “puppy cam” to allow you to keep tabs on them, according to Gadget Flow. They also auto-lock and auto-sanitize via UV lights.

But as they’re being tested out in New York City, not everyone has been comfortable with using them or with seeing someone else’s dog in one.

But some people are finding them handy. Dog Parker co-founder Chelsea Brownbridge says one grocery she knows of sees six to 10 dog visits to the box a day. Dog owners usually only keep their animals in there for five to 15 minutes as they make a quick stop at the store.

For those not living in high-priced New York, though, the cost may seem a little prohibitive. It costs 20 cents a minute. As of November, Dog Parker was testing 45 boxes in the city.

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