People Furious After Disney Revealed Their Newest Controversial Plot Line for TV Show

October 26, 2017Oct 26, 2017

On Wednesday, the Disney Channel made an announcement that has caused many people to call for a boycott of the network. They announced that they will air their first TV show that includes a gay coming-out storyline.

The season 2 premiere of the show “Andi Mack” will air this week. The show is about a 13-year-old girl named Andi and her dramatic teenage years.

In the show, Andi finds out that the girl who she thought was her older sister is actually her mother. At the start of season 2, Andi is hoping that her parents will get married.

While some were already questioning the show and the intended audience of 6-14 year-olds, now some are questioning it even more. The network just revealed that Andi’s best friend, Cyrus, will reveal that he is gay.

The show will surround the inevitable drama that occurs when Cyrus develops a crush on his friend Jonah, who Andi also has a crush on. In the show, Cyrus will talk to a mutual, supportive friend. With the conversation, Disney was hoping to “provide a positive role model for children - and adults- watching.”

In future episodes, Cyrus will walk through the “journey of self-acceptance” and figure out how to reveal to his friends, family, and girlfriend that he is gay.

According to Deadline Hollywood, child development experts condoned the show and said that it would have a positive effect on the intended audience of 6-14 year-olds.

Kate Ellis, President and CEO of GLAAD, said, “With more and more young people coming out as LGBTQ, Andi Mack is reflecting the lives and lived experiences of so many LGBTQ youth around the country. Television reflects the real-life world and today that includes LGBTQ youth who deserve to see their lives depicted on their favorite shows. Disney has been a leader in LGBTQ inclusion and there are so many young people who will be excited to see Cyrus’ story unfold.”

While Disney and several others think that this is a positive storyline to include, many others are furious. Some are saying that it will put the idea in a young person’s mind that sexuality is fluid and that it is the cooler option to be gay.

Users took to Twitter to explain their reservations and grievances.

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