People Are Outraged After Jim Carrey's Shot at Sarah Sanders

March 19, 2018Mar 19, 2018

One of the most notable features of political discourse in 2018 is the inability to engage in civil argument. Rather than confront political opponents with an argument, people on both sides have often resorted to name-calling and personal shots. This was certainly the case this week when Jim Carrey, a famous actor, posted an unflattering portrait of Sarah Sanders.

"This is the portrait of a so-called Christian whose only purpose in life is to lie for the wicked," the actor tweeted, along with the image. "Monstrous!"

According to the Los Angeles Times, criticizing Sanders for her personal appearance has been a popular method of Democrats to discredit her. It has also been a hot-button issue, since many people think that it is a troubling example of sexism still prevalent in American culture. 

Many people have not been happy about Carrey's shot at Sarah Sanders, and as a result, they have been responding on Twitter.

Here's how people are responding on Twitter.

Many believe that Carrey's unflattering post is also a shot at conservative Christians, implying that a person cannot be socially and politically conservative and still be a good Christian. This is, of course, part of a broader cultural pressure to reduce Christianity to a handful of tenants in harmony with the liberal creed: tolerance, inclusion, and social justice. Those who hold a more conservative view are, according to men like Carrey, "not really a Christian."

Carrey has depicted several unflattering portraits of Republicans, including Marco Rubio, Devin Nunes, and President Trump, which he released on Presidents Day.

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