People Are Bullying Barron and Melania, and Ivanka Won't Stand for It

September 22, 2017Sep 22, 2017

Ivanka Trump isn't about to let the media bully her little brother. In a recent interview with Dr. Oz, she stood up for 11-year-old Barron, reported People. 

During the interview, which aired on Saturday, Ivanka—who is both the first daughter and advisor to the president—revealed that she's “really” bothered by online critics who recently mocked Barron. The media took a shot at Barron for wearing a T-shirt on Air Force One in August. 

“I think talking about an 11-year-old’s T-shirt, or pants, or attire … he’s a young boy trying his best to acclimate in a surreal environment,” said Ivanka. 

She added, “Melania and my father are trying to make that transition as seamless as possible in difficult circumstances. Barron should be off limits.”

While talking about Barron, Ivanka also stood up for her stepmother. She said that comments criticizing Melania's fashion choices are “inappropriate.”

People reported that recently ironically taunted the first lady for the $3000 hot pink Delpozo dress that she wore for a speech against bullying. She gave the speech during a luncheon at the United Nations in New York on Wednesday, and people promptly proceeded to bully her for her dress

Instead of focusing on her message against cyberbullying, they focused on her fashion sense. One Twitter user turned especially nasty. 

"What I learned today from Melania Trump: Never dress like a bright pink hot air balloon," wrote the user.

Ivanka succinctly pointed out the problem with focusing on Melania's outfit. It's definitely sexist, but the left doesn't even notice. 

 “I think Melania is an elegant, confident, poised woman, and I think talking about her fashion choices objectifies her, and it’s just inappropriate,” said Ivanka. 

Do you like that Ivanka always stands up for her family? She did the same thing for her father last week.

In other news, one Hollywood celebrity just said she'd rather be governed by Kim Jong Un than President Trump. Have you heard a more ridiculous statement today? 

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