People power at COP26: creative ways the public is responding

The lecturers launch a carnival

Carnivals are an event of exuberance, which lead to reflection and renewal. University of the Arts London (UAL), has been founded in this spirit. Carnival of Crisis, a climate themed jamboree which runs parallel to COP26. 

Taking place at venues across London, in host city Glasgow, and online, the carnival’s exhibitions and talks will explore a range of subjects: from conscious consumerism to how the climate crisis intersects with issues of race and equality. 

UAL will release its own climate plan after the event. It outlines how the institution intends to become carbon neutral by 2040. 

“Carnival of Crisis will show how creative changemakers can help bring about climate justice,” said James Purnell, president of UAL. “Culture should take its place alongside social, economic and environmental interventions as one of the main pillars of sustainability.”

Image: Carnival of Crisis