Pence Drops The Hammer On Clinton, Says Why She Is Unfit To Lead The Country

October 06, 2016Oct 06, 2016

As Hillary Clinton and the mainstream media continue to pile on Donald Trump over his ‘temperament’, Trump’s Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence hit back with the truth that many people are ignoring.

Pence spoke with Breitbart after his stellar performance opposite of the belligerent Tim Kaine in the Vice Presidential debate. He explained exactly why Hillary Clinton has disqualified herself from ever becoming President.

“I’ll tell you on that one, it really was remarkable to me that after Sen. Kaine listed one personal insult against Donald Trump after another, then he accused us of running an ‘insult-driven campaign,’ just it was remarkable to me,” Pence said.

“It was also remarkable because Hillary Clinton called millions of Americans who think we can Make America Great Again, who think we can stand tall on the world stage again, who think we can rebuild our military, revive our economy, stand by our Constitution,” Pence continued. “Hillary Clinton said millions of Americans who believe in Donald Trump’s vision for our country are in a ‘basket of deplorables.’ She said they are irredeemable. She said that they are not America. And despite what Sen. Kaine said last night, she never apologized for that. She just said she shouldn’t have said ‘half.’ So, you know, all she did was say she got the number wrong.”

Pence also pointed out that Clinton not only attacked Trump supporters. She attacked voters in her own party as well. “I expect Bernie Sanders supporters got the message earlier this week when it came to light in February that Hillary Clinton had referred to Bernie Sanders supporters as ‘children of the Great Recession’ who had moved into their parents’ basements,” Pence said.

Do you agree with Pence that Clinton does not have the right temperament to serve as President?