Pence Comes Under Attack For Questionable Endorsement, Fires Back EPIC Response That Clinton Can’t Ignore

September 13, 2016Sep 13, 2016

The liberal media is still trying hard to tie Donald Trump and his running mate Mike Pence to white supremacist David Duke. Because Duke had vocalized his support for Donald Trump, the left feels that the beliefs of a racist man means that somehow Trump holds those same beliefs.

After fielding questions from reporters about Duke’s endorsement that Trump has already rejected, Pence turned the focus back to a damaging endorsement that Hillary Clinton has received and not rejected. According to the Daily Caller, Pence reminded the mainstream media that the father of the Orlando terrorist was spotted directly behind Clinton during a campaign speech last month.


Seddique Mateen’s son murdered 49 people at the Pulse nightclub earlier this year. In addition to being prominently displayed at Clinton’s speech, Mateen was also seen outside the event holding a sign in support of the Democratic candidate.

“I would draw no more conclusion of Duke’s expressions of support than I would the fact that the father of a terrorist who killed 49 Americans was seen at a Hillary Clinton rally, cheering her on and said he was there because she was good on national security,” Pence said. “Look, we live in a free country. And people of ill motives can associate themselves with politics.”

Pence then reiterated what Trump has said many times. “Donald Trump and I have renounced David Duke repeatedly,” Pence said. “We have said that we do not want his support and we do not want the support of people who think like him.”

As of yet, Clinton has still not disavowed the support of the radical terrorist’s father.