How the 1986 Suburban Hauled Your Family for Half the Price

May 12, 2016May 12, 2016

How many of us have practically raised our families in the cavernous back seats of General Motor's capable and enduring family wagons? It's unfortunate to learn that today you'll need to lay down twice the cash to get a slightly less capable model.

If you're looking to bring half the team to soccer practice or ferry the whole family and a week's worth gear while towing an immense camper over a mountain pass, there still may not be a better option. The longest running badge in automotive history, the Chevrolet Suburban, is still with us today, with surprisingly few changes along the way other than price. On behalf of GM Parts Online, Spork Marketing created this handy chart comparing the vital stats of 1986 and 2016 4x4 Suburbans. 


While some things do improve with age, it's sad to see that in this case, the dollar just doesn't stretch as far as it used to. How many of you have a late model Suburban that just seemed to run forever?