Pay To Play: Clinton Rewards Donor With SHOCKING Position On Nuclear Board

June 10, 2016Jun 10, 2016

It is no wonder that the liberal media reports almost exclusively on Donald Trump because new scandals surrounding Hillary Clinton seem to emerge on an almost daily basis. Even as Clinton locked up the Democratic nomination and Obama’s endorsement, she still can’t catch her breath and put distance between her and her scandals.

A new revelation from Fox revealed that Clinton rewarded one of her top donors with a position on a nuclear intelligence advisory board despite him having zero experience or qualifications to warrant such a high ranking and sensitive position. The particular advisory board advises the Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security about arms control and other related issues.

Clinton donor Rajiv Fernando was given the lofty position after maxing out his campaign donations to Hillary and donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to her and Bill’s various charities and foundations. The unqualified donor was given favor over many various qualified individuals.

The advisory board is made up of former cabinet members, congressmen, and nuclear scientists. “We had no idea who he was,” one board member said.  Newly released emails reveal that Hillary’s top aide, Cheryl Mills, pushed for Fernando to be included on the board.

When people started asking questions about Fernando’s position on the board, he quickly resigned. “It is very clear that this was just pure corruption,” Newt Gingrich said. “This was cash for a seat on a board.”