Paul Ryan Says He Isn’t Running For President, But Then All Of A Sudden THIS Appears... Coincidence?

April 10, 2016Apr 10, 2016

Speaker of the house, Paul Ryan has just released an ad that will have many people questioning whether he was lying about not running for president. 

Ryan has repeatedly said that he is not running for president and won’t be chosen as a replacement nominee if the race does come down to a brokered convention.  However, Ryan’s “denials” have always left the possibility open. 

Ryan had previously denied any interest in becoming the speaker of the house, but clearly he had changed his stance on that.  According to Breitbart, it appears that Ryan may be having second thoughts about seizing the GOP nomination at the convention.

Watch the ad...

Do you think that Ryan and the establishment have plans to steal the nomination away from Trump or Cruz at the convention?