Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder Don’t Want ‘Vampire Diaries’ Spinoff

Moving forward. More than 13 Years after our first meeting The Vampire Diaries set, Paul Wesley Ian Somerhalder are closer than ever — but they aren’t ready to put the fangs on again.

“No … I’m vampired out,” Wesley, 40, exclusively told Us Weekly when asked if he’d like a TVD spinoff while at a pre-U.S. Open Kick Off event in New York City hosted by the Tennis Channel and Brother’s Bond Bourbon on Tuesday, August 23.

Somerhalder, 43 years old, stated that they would be happy to get back behind the camera. “Well, we would go … like, if we were to direct,” the Louisiana native said.

Wesley did it for us. Legacies, TVDThe spinoff was terminated after four seasons in June. Now, however, the Brother’s Bond Bourbon cofounders — who played brothers Stefan and Damon Salvatore for eight seasons on The CW hit — are a little busy. Wesley, for his part, is “super proud of” his role as a young Captain James T. Kirk (the character William Shatner made famous) in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder Still Love Their Bourbon, Bromance and Former Costars — But They Won't Do a Vampire Diaries Spinoff

Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley
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Somerhalder is meanwhile focusing on his environmental activism and animal activism, as well as being a father to a girl. He shares his daughter Bodhi (4 years old) with his wife Nikki ReedThe family recently moved to California. Wesley joked Somerhalder is usually too busy to answer his text messages — including a recent invite to dinner.

When it comes to keeping in touch with their peers Vampire DiariesAccording to alums of the cast, they often text other cast members and Wesley had even a mini reunion.

“We don’t have a big group thread, but I’m still super close to Nina [Dobrev], I’m super close with Michael Malarkey – all of them! I mean I talk to all of them on a somewhat regular basis,” Wesley told Use. “We haven’t had like a big reunion in a while. I had dinner with at [cocreator] Kevin Williamson‘s house with [cocreator] Julie Plec and Nina.”

Somerhalder chimed in, “I’m glad I was invited.”

His friend said that he did indeed receive an invitation. “You’re not really good at responding to text messages,” Wesley laughed. “He’s just too busy with his animals and children. But it was great to meet everyone. Look, we’re all very busy. We all travel a lot so we don’t have, like, big parties or anything like that, but we’re all great and friendly.”

They have strong working relationships. Wesley, along with his Bourbon brand with Somerhalder is also working with Plec to develop a Netflix series based upon the 2015 article The Confessions Of A Drug-Addicted High School Teacher.

Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder Still Love Their Bourbon, Bromance and Former Costars — But They Won't Do a Vampire Diaries Spinoff

Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder
Stephen Lovekin/Brother’s Bond Bourbon/Shutterstock

While The Vampire DiariesThe show ended in 2017 after eight seasons. However, the friendships formed behind the scenes have clearly lasted a long time. Somerhalder said that’s why Brother’s Bond Bourbon is unique.

“I say this in all humility but there’s never been a brand, right, that there’s 13 years of [intellectual property] built into this store and a bond that’s impenetrable so there’s never been a brand like that. It’s never existed,” he explained exclusively to Us.

Wesley added, “And it is something that, for us, we created it from the ground up. So unlike the Vampire Diaries — which is our show, but we were hired on that show. This is our baby. If Ian and I were to have a baby, this is our baby.”

The couple launched their original liquor in 2021, and recently released a new version to their line. “The 80 proof is the bourbon that’s our flagship, and it’s done so well and we’re proud of it,” Wesley said. “But we have this beautiful cask strength bourbon that just came out which is an uncut, unfiltered, straight out of the barrel in its purest form. It was a great accomplishment. It’s a heavy hitting bourbon in a good way. It’s 115.8 proof and it’s awesome.”

It sounds like the Salvatore Brothers would approve. Find out where to buy both variations on the Brother’s Bond Bourbon website.

Diana Cooper reporting

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