Patton Oswalt Opens Up About Remarrying Less Than Two Years After Being Widowed

November 08, 2017Nov 08, 2017

Patton Oswalt, best known for his role on “The King of Queens” and “Agents of Shield” gave an honest interview about what it’s like being remarried after the sorrow of losing his wife.

He says he and his wife Meredith Salenger, who married last Saturday, are on cloud nine. They were married in front of friends and family at the Jim Henson Studios in Los Angeles.

“I’ve only ever felt that level of joy once before in my life, and it was so profound and perfect it felt greedy to ever wish for it again,” Oswalt, 48, told People. “But I did, so now all I can do is show Meredith a level of gratitude and love that’s greater than the joy she’s brought me, and my daughter Alice. Because this is a new level of joy and a new life, and I’ll always strive to deserve it.”

The couple’s marriage came a year-and-a-half after his first wife, Michelle McNamara, unexpectedly passed away in her sleep in April 2016, leaving behind an 8-year-old daughter. Some have criticized Oswalt for remarrying too quickly, but friends and family say they believe it was McNamara who orchestrated their meeting from above, wrote People.

“When I first starting talking with Patton on Facebook, it was just sort of witty banter,” recalled Salenger, 47. “There was nothing to it, but as I started getting to know him better, I looked up Michelle on Facebook, and I saw that we had like 15 mutual friends. One of them was my best friend since 7th grade. I called her and was like, ‘Tell me about Michelle.’ She was best friends with Michelle after college. She was like, ‘I loved her. She’s amazing. She’s so funny and smart.'”

After learning about Michelle, Salenger says she fell in love with Patton even more.

“I was like, ‘He likes smart girls and he likes good girls.’ There was something that made me think more highly of Patton because he loved a girl that was like us—me and my friends. My friend said, ‘I think Michelle orchestrated this from heaven. She asked herself, who would be the best woman to raise Alice? And she picked you. And then, who would Patton love? You.’”

Salenger and Oswalt didn’t meet immediately after Michelle’s death. They first met in May 2017—over a year after her death. Oswalt said that when he met Salenger, “reality shifted into something brighter and more in focus.”

“Meredith felt like I had met someone that I had been, that a lot of the darkness that I had gone through and the ways I had to strengthen myself and try to recognize joy again, she felt like this beacon singing on this upper level that I had to reach for. It really does feel like an evolution,” he shared. “I don’t want to put this in X-Men or superhero terms. The world when I’m close to her is sharper and brighter. It’s a better world to live in because she’s in it.”

The couple announced their engagement in July, and they didn’t wait long to marry. The wedding came together quickly and organically.

“This just feels like we threw a party in the middle of all of this joy that was already happening and will keep going on,” says Oswalt. “The party was not as joyous as the joy we live in every day—I’m not putting down the wedding, but we’re kind of already floating on this other level that we’ve been floating on since we met.”

In the interview, Salenger also emphasized how happy she is to be a mother to Alice. She spoke about a picture from the wedding, which shows Alice hugging Oswalt.

“There’s this picture of Alice hugging Patton right before we’re getting married. Patton was already at the altar, and Alice walked down as the flower girl, and before she sat down, she ran up and gave him a hug,” says an emotional Salenger.

Oswalt adds, “It was like, ‘Hey we’re okay now, Sweetie. You’re fine and we’re safe.’ She looks so happy and relieved.”

Salenger added, “I have a sister, who has two little girls who are 7 and 10, and my best friend Nikka has a little girl who’s 11, and my other best friend Ever Carradine has a little girl who’s 6, and it was really important for me to incorporate all the kids who mattered to me in my life, because I haven’t had my own children.”

She continued, “Patton and I have been saying this since the very beginning—we really are literally looking forward to the normalcy and stability of life,” Salenger says. “All I want in life is to wake up and make Alice breakfast and take her to school. We’re just looking forward to the daily routine of life. Family dinner, bath time, book time, bedtime. That’s all I ever really fantasized about.”

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