CBN News Releases Update on Pat Robertson Days After Stroke

February 12, 2018Feb 12, 2018

On Friday, February 2nd, Dr. Marion Gordon "Pat" Robertson from CBN News was rushed to a medical center to be treated for a stroke. CBN previously reported that Robertson’s recovery was truly miraculous.

Robertson is the founder and chairman of the Christian Broadcasting Network. His son currently acts as the CEO of the network. Throughout his life, Robertson has been named a best-selling author, founded several Christian companies, and is also a television host.

10 days after his sudden stroke, February 12th, CBN released another update on his health.

His recovery has gone stunningly well—Robertson was almost immediately able to be fully responsive. On Monday, less than 2 weeks after his stroke, Robertson also returned to his talk show “The 700 Club.”

The 87-year-old conservative Christian leader released the following statement upon his quick return:

"I am grateful for the expressions of love and concern that have come toward me from all around the world, and I am thankful that I have received what amounted to a miraculous healing instead of what could have been a crippling illness. I am delighted to be back on the air to fulfill my life calling."

Robertson was also hospitalized last year in August after a fall while horseback riding. He sustained minor injuries, but was able to make a full recovery.

Please continue to keep Pat Robertson in your prayers as he recovers! In breaking news, a cyber attack occurred during this year’s Winter Olympics.

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