Pat Robertson Stuns Viewers With Shocking Claim

May 03, 2019May 03, 2019

Many Christians believe that the world was created about 6,000 years ago. That figure has come into being by giving the time between Adam and Abraham about 2,000 years and the time between Abraham and now about 4,000 years. This is based on genealogical accounts in the Bible.

But now with conflicting viewpoints on the origins of the universe (e.g., the Big Bang, evolution, etc.) and with fossil records believed to be dated millions of years old, many are confused. Which is it: a billion-year-old evolution or a 6,000-year-old creation?

Pat Robertson, host of "The 700 Club" says it's a mix of both: “This universe that we live in is 14 billion years old and there’s no question about it and we have tremendous geological records and all the rest of it and that 6,000 year stuff just doesn’t compute,” he said on his show Tuesday.

He explained that the school he founded, Regent University, teaches the Old Earth view. When “they were trying to hustle around [a course] called creation science, it was just nonsense and it was so embarrassing,” he said. “So we wanted to make sure we told the truth.”

“We as Christians need to know the truth and when we know the truth you stand in awe with the God who created everything and that’s His name," said Robertson. "His name is He who caused everything to be. He brought it all into being. Look at the vast solar system and the galaxies, and the stars, there are about a billion trillion stars … in the universe. It’s huge. So let’s give God credit for what He did, not try to limit Him to 6,000 years.”

A survey showed that pastors tend to be split on the issue, with about half believing in a Young Earth and half believing in an Old Earth. In 2017, a film was released called, "Is Genesis History?", which sought to affirm those that still believe in a Young Earth.

“We live in a time where the current scientific paradigm is infiltrating a lot of the seminaries and a lot of the hierarchy in evangelical Christianity because people have been led to believe that science has settled this issue of deep time," said Del Tackett, creator of Focus on the Family’s The Truth Project, who promoted the film.

"I would tell Christians, 'If you are going to put your trust in those and you're going to say that God's Word is now just an analogy, or it's just some kind of simile, you're twisting the Word of God because of a paradigm that is already really shaky.' I would say, 'You have that backwards. We start with the Word of God. We start with the record that God has given to us and stand on that, then begin to view the world around us. That's when things will make sense.'"

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