Pat Robertson Comments on Sexual Harassment Scandals Rocking Fox News

August 08, 2017Aug 08, 2017

Conservatives everywhere were shocked last week when Fox News announced that Eric Bolling would be temporarily removed from Fox News. This news came after it was alleged that Bolling sent lewd photos to colleagues, which the television network decided they wanted to investigate before allowing the host to continue on television.

Bolling, a former commodities trader and best-selling author, had grown in popularity on the Fox News Channel. He had been a longtime co-host of “The Five,” and more recently he helped launch a new show, “The Fox News Specialists.” In response to the allegations, Eric Bolling vowed Monday morning to clear his name.

“Overwhelmed by all the support I have received. Thank you. I look forward to clearing my name asap,” Bolling wrote on Twitter.

Pat Robertson, a former Southern Baptist minister, has recently commented on the sexual harassment allegations aimed at Eric Bolling. According to the Huffington Post, he thinks it is part of a conspiracy theory to destroy Bolling’s reputation. During his show “The 700 Club” on the Christian Broadcasting Network, Robertson defended Bolling and suggested that a conspiracy theory was at the root of the sexual harassment allegations.

“If you wanted to destroy the Fox News, you really wanted to destroy them, what would you do?” Robertson asked. “Well, you would send some salacious material, ostensibly from one of their popular co-hosts or hosts and you’d send it out and then get it publicized and then you have some women complain that she had gotten this salacious material from this co-host and then she would come to Fox, and Fox is so averse to any kind of legal action that they would immediately take the person off the air, so before long you would have decimated the prime-time lineup of all the Fox hosts. Easy to do? Absolutely. Is it being done? Probably.”

Robertson then claimed that Bolling, as someone who appears on “The 700 Club” and is a practicing Roman Catholic, is “a straight arrow.”

Robertson then theorized that these allegations were the same as those aimed at Bill O’Reilly and the late Roger Ailes. 

“I’m no conspiracy theorist,” remarked Robertson, “but it’s so easy to see what’s being done. I think it’s a terrible shame. Fox had better cinch up, talk about girding up their loins and realize people are going after them… Anybody can send a salacious piece of literature.”

These comments come several weeks after Robertson’s interview with Donald Trump, where the president expressed his solidarity with American Evangelicals.

It's really no wonder that Robertson believes these accusations against Bolling are part of a conspiracy, especially given some of the shocking comments he makes about current events and politics. Recently Bolling had an interesting "message to fellow deplorables," which you can read about here

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