Pat Boone Tackles Illegal Immigration, Offers The RIGHT Solutions

January 29, 2016Jan 29, 2016

The officials tell us there are somewhere between 12 and 14 million absolutely illegal aliens already living and thriving in America right now.

Yes, many may be working in honest jobs and contributing in some ways to the general welfare, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are, by definition, criminals. Lawbreakers. Illegal.

And to my mind, the worst criminals are the employers who aid and abet and promote the criminal process, hiring people they know full well are in the country illegally. That’s what criminals do---they break the law and cause others to break the law ---to make money. Illegally. When caught and found guilty, they go to prison, as they ought to.

But what’s the answer? These millions of illegals, most of them nice and otherwise laudable folks, are here, right?

The specter of trying to round them all up and herd them back across the border is nightmarish to contemplate. It would likely create a low-grade civil war, partly because so many big hearted and compassionate Americans empathize with the aliens; who doesn’t?

And yet I haven’t heard anybody, even the ACLU or outright alien organizations, declare that our immigration laws should be lax enough to freely admit terrorists, drug dealers, revolutionaries, seditionists, pedophiles and other known criminals. The laws have been fashioned to protect society and to create an orderly way for honest people to share in the American dream, as citizens…not invaders or scofflaws.

So, since there is the necessity to have and enforce laws regarding immigration, the proposed solution seems the only logical answer: demand that every single illegal alien register and stay visible, while learning the history and language and laws of the United States, so that in no more than 3 years---extremely generous, seems to me---he or she can take and pass the same tests all other legal immigrants passed. Nobody would be deported except those who won’t do what this country has always required, to live peacefully and obey our laws.

And in an efficiently phased program, every employer should be commanded to check thoroughly on the legal status of all employees, under penalty of prison terms for knowingly hiring illegal ---and therefore criminal---aliens.

Sure, employers will have to pay more, and much of the increase will be added to the cost of goods and services, but the increases won’t begin to equal the billions of dollars being charged to American taxpayers as they pay for education, health care and other privileges being accessed by these millions of illegals.

No, there aren’t easy solutions here… only right ones.

- Pat Boone