Pat Boone Says What He Thinks About Palin's Endorsement Of Trump

January 21, 2016Jan 21, 2016

Legendary singer and actor, Pat Boone appeared on Fox on Wednesday when it was announced that Sarah Palin would be endorsing Donald Trump for president.  “What does this endorsement mean to you?” The host asked Boone.

“Well, I think it’s an electric development for one thing,” Boone said.  “I know Donald Trump and I know Sarah Palin and she is the female Donald Trump.  She is Tea Party.  She is an activist.  She’s outspoken and plainspoken.”

Boone is no stranger to politics.  He is a staunch and outspoken conservative and campaigned for Ronald Reagan during his run.  After offering his assessment of Palin’s endorsement, Boone gave fascinating insight into what the founding fathers intended for the political system.

Do you agree with Boone?