Pastors Feud Over Roy Moore's Fate, New Letter Reveals More Claims Against Him

November 18, 2017Nov 18, 2017

In light of the recent harassment allegations against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, several pastors have been sharing their opinions on the Republican. Earlier this week, Moore’s wife posted a letter defending her husband. The letter included names of 50 pastors who were in support of the candidate.

The letter focused on Moore’s character and said that he was often a defender for family values including the sanctity of marriage and the future of unborn children. It also mentioned his notable career and “his immovable convictions for Biblical principles.”

Many of the constituents and public figures that are still in support of Moore believe that the allegations could have just been a political ploy in order to keep him out of office. Moore himself has said that people want to keep him away from Washington D.C. because of his values.

Others believe that Moore should step aside and remove himself from the Senate race. They say that regardless of if Moore is innocent, there is now too much muddy water surrounding his name. On Friday, dozens of pastors signed a letter asking the GOP candidate to step aside.

According to The Hill, the letter called Moore unfit for office and claimed that Moore has used “extremist values.” The author said that he is among other politicians who have “cynically used Christianity for their own goals.”

The letter noted that their opinions reach beyond the recent allegations. It actually accused him of actions he had taken in his several years of public office. They said that their opposition stems from Moore’s belief about LGBT rights, immigration, and religious liberty.

The letter said, “Christianity affirms God’s love for the neighbor and care for the most vulnerable in society: the widow, the foreigner, and the orphan. But he has denigrated people from other countries and other faiths.”

It added, “Christianity thrives in religious freedom, and a government impartial toward people of all faith traditions. But instead, he has sought to entangle government with religion.”

The letter also talked about the recent allegations. They said that having him in public office would be harmful to people who have experienced a form of abuse.

It said that he would “reopen the wounds of anyone who has been abused by leaders who should have been committed to compassion, to justice, and to healing God’s world. We repudiate the actions of religious and political leaders like Roy Moore who have sought to silence, to cover up, and to be complicit in the sexual abuse.”

59 pastors signed the letter, most of which come from mainline Protestant denominations.

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