Pastors: 7 Reasons To NOT LET YOUR KIDS Watch 'Deadpool'

February 21, 2016Feb 21, 2016

Pastors usually don't get into specifics about what they advise their congregation to watch or not watch when it comes to movies. But the pastors quoted in a Christian Post article want you to be aware of what you're getting into.


On the surface, the newly released hit movie "Deadpool" looks like another Marvel superhero movie, but if you know very little about it and were thinking of letting your kids watch it or watching it yourself, here are some of the things they'll encounter in the movie:

1. Intense violence and highly disturbing images
2. Repeated full nudity
3. Numerous instances of gratuitous sex and innuendo
4. Child molestation treated in a joking manner
5. Elder abuse
6. Repeated profanity with 84 F words and its derivatives
7. A "hero" that's a terrible role model for kids

Frankly, it's surprising the movie only has an "R" rating.

Thankfully, there are numerous review sites created for parents to be informed about the content in movies:
Kids In Mind
IMDB (Look under the "Parents Guide" section of each movie)
Common Sense Media

Be aware, though, that some of these review sites go into great detail that is highly objectionable in itself.